The Internet Is Trying To Make Jennifer Love Hewitt A Kardashian With A Photoshopped Ass


Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of my original celebrity crushes as a kid.

I watched the movie "House Arrest" way too many times for no reason other than to stare longingly at my dear JLH. Though, it seems the Internet has taken the JLH obsession a step further with recently released photos of her with an ass that puts Kim Kardashian's to shame.

Hewitt, 35, is seen wearing a white dress that emphasized a certain posterior asset of hers. Honestly, when I first glanced at these photos, I thought I was looking at Kim Kardashian. I mean, take a look at these photos and tell me those butts weren't separated at birth.

Unfortunately, these photos are not real. And there's someone out there with Photoshop, a sick mind and way too much time on their hands.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's "new" booty:

The world clearly wishes this was real:

Proof of the original photo from 2011