JLo Takes Booty Selfie And Dances Sexually At Club, Video Shows

Is Jennifer Lopez getting younger by the minute? Because I'm pretty sure she is.

The triple threat was filmed this weekend shakin' her booty at a Miami nightclub by fashion entrepreneur, Loren Ridinger, reports.

Based off Ridinger's Instagram posts, they had one hell of a night together.


The fashionista posted selfies of her and JLo on Instagram that showed off their sultry club outfits. Of course, JLo looked like a freakin' goddess with a black backless crop top and tight white jeans.

Seriously... will anyone ever be as sexy as Jennifer Lopez? I honestly doubt it.



Ridinger captioned their mirror selfie "Miami nights @jlo #bathroomselfie #loveher #casatua."

Casual, I know. Where was our invite, huh?!

Just when you thought the 47-year-old pop star couldn't get any cooler, Ridinger posted a video of JLo tearing up the dance floor in the sexiest way possible.

Of course, she did on the sly. Toward the end of the video, JLo turns around and points at the camera while yelling, "Stop!"

It's adorable, and she definitely doesn't stop.

In fact, she does just the opposite and continues swaying to the club's Latin jams without a care in the world.

Her pal captioned the video "Oops;) I get her again. @jlo #miaminights #bff #booty #breakingtheinternet #casatua."

YUP. Now, go rewatch that about five more times and swoon over JLo's utter perfection.

Personally, I'm trying to learn from her suave dance moves. But if I ever tried moving like her in a club, I'd look like this:

I'm not coordinated, and I've come to terms with the fact that I never will be. It's fine, though.

After the singer-gone-actress posted a mirror selfie earlier this month that featured her *assets*, we weren't sure if we could handle any more JLo sexiness for a while.

But, of course, we were wrong. Keep the selfies flowing, JLo. We'll be admiring your perfection from afar.