Jennifer Lopez's Adorable Snapchat Proves Her Daughter Is Basically Her Twin

Uhhhhhhh, is Jennifer Lopez's daughter really her twin?

I'm working on a theory that Jennifer Lopez's twin sister, whom I've named Kennifer, fell into a weird space-time loop that moved her up in time from when the Lopez twins were 8 to right now.

In order to prevent the government from kidnapping Kennifer and turning her into a military research capsule, Jennifer now has to raise her as her own daughter.

I know this sounds crazy, but look at this!


THEY LOOK LIKE TWINS. How can you deny this crazy science theory I've come up with.

JLO is clearly hellbent on keeping this false narrative up as she captioned the post with,

Me and this beautiful princess #Emme #coconuts #moments #LOVE.

Here is another picture of Jennifer and Emme (which is clearly the fake name they gave Kennifer) -- pictured bottom right diagonal from Jenn and her son, Max, who is allegedly Kennifer's 2016 twin.

Yup. Not buying it, JLO!

Here is Jennifer again with her Kennifer and Max.


To give you a little context, here is a picture of Jennifer back when she was still living on the block.



If we're going by the narrative Kennifer Lopez isn't real and JLO is raising actual twins, she's been pretty awesome at balancing her work life and home life.

In an interview earlier this year with PEOPLE, Lopez said,

Our references are always in reference to the kids. What's best for them, what's good for them, let's talk this way in front of them... You know what I mean? Once they're happy, they just add happiness and joy into the home and then everything else kind of goes from there.


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