Jennifer Lawrence’s First Job Was This Awkward Promo For ‘My Super Sweet 16’

by Eitan Levine

Jennifer Lawrence has always been a lovable goofball.

I think we all know at this point that J. Law has cemented herself as Hollywood's most relatable character. This is not a hot take or anything -- this is just fact.

Peanut butter makes your mouth sticky, melting mozzarella cheese on Wacky Mac makes a better bowl of Wacky Mac, and Jennifer Lawrence captures the heart of America more and more every time she falls down in front of a massive audience.

These are all facts.

Many people think that Jennifer only recently put on this clumsy act, that she actually has fairly adroit hand-eye coordination, but falls on stairs on red carpets on purpose.

What's interesting though is that she hasn't changed at all since her early days of acting. As you can see from the video above, she's always been "that friend" that trips over everything or just has horrible luck happen to her.

The clip above shows a younger Lawrence in one of her first professional acting roles. In it, she plays a nameless sweet 16-year-old having a giant disco ball dropped on a cake in front of her, dousing her in dough and frosting.

The second clip in the series features Jenny being brought in on some platform being carried by four hot dudes. One of the hot dudes isn't as buff as the other three and accidentally drops her.

This is authentic Jennifer. All you J. Law truthers out there should know that she has always been this way. She didn't start falling on stairs when she won her first Oscar. She's been falling on stuff and having things explode in her face for years.

She even talked about how this was the shoot that got her her SAG card back when she was 14.

So, thank you, Jennifer Lawrence. Thanks for always being terrible at not screwing things up.

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