No, Jennifer Aniston Isn't Divorcing Justin Theroux Over The Brangelina Split


Everyone stop waving your divorce wands recklessly around the room right this very moment.

Stop it.


The magic died for Brangelina, but that doesn't mean we have to come for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

The couple, who married in August 2015, are not parting ways, contrary to rumors online and a headline from In Touch Weekly.

Jen's reps called the magazine's claims she ended it with Justin due to his communication with ex Heidi Bivens a “complete fabrication,” in a statement to

According to the inciting In Touch story, a source claimed Justin and Heidi “stayed in contact ever since they broke up,” adding,

Heidi and Justin dated for 14 years before "The Leftovers” star began seeing Jen.

InTouch's source said Justin's sustained friendship with Heidi has long been a sore spot for the “Friends” actress.

The source shared,

Fans are not buying into the split rumors and agree Jen should be left out of the current Brangelina narrative.

There's enough drama between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to feed our dark, empty souls for an eternity.

Enjoy life with your gorgeous husband, your luscious hair and your mountain of Smartwater money, Jennifer Aniston. This is not your battle to fight.

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