Jaimie Alexander Calms Herself Down By Letting Out A Chewbacca Cry


Everyone has a trick to calm their nerves when things get a bit hectic. Personally, I sing a line from a song that I heard once at my high school's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar." Everything's all right, yes, everything's fine.

I can't explain why I do it or why I even find it soothing. I also couldn't tell you any other line from that musical.

But I usually only sing it in my head.

Jaimie Alexander from the show "Blindspot" revealed that when she feels anxious one of the things she'll do to chill out is unleash a Chewbacca impression.

This often happens on set, namely if she's getting amped up to start a fight scene, especially after one resulted in the left side of her nose being broken.

She said about her Wookie cry,

I start trying to make everybody laugh when I get nervous and then I sometimes break out my Chewbacca impersonation.

She'll even help costar Sullivan Stapleton work on his impression.

Although, she has no recollection of when this weird practice started. She said,

I don't know why, if the cameras roll and I'm nervous, if I just let out a big wookie cry, then everything is cool. I'm not really sure where that came from. I think it's just genetic.

The most awkward place for Alexander to potentially unleash her nerve-calming trick? Maybe during a driving test, or at a wedding right before "I do..."

Season two of "Blindspot" is set to premier on Wednesday at 10 pm on NBC.

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