Hunter McGrady Shares 6 Products She Swears By

At only 23-years-old, Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady has successfully made a name for herself.

The bombshell blonde is dedicated to using her platform to spread messages of self-love, strength and empowerment -- regardless of your shape or size.

Back in February, Hunter made her debut as a Sports Illustrated model and was dubbed the publication's "curviest model ever."

Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Hunter McGrady on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet on Sunday, March 5, about how she seemingly manages to stay picture-perfect at all times.

For us non-models, morning routines usually consist of rolling out of bed, splashing water on our faces, running our fingers through our hair and shrugging at our reflections while letting out a "well, this will have to do" sigh.

However, it's comforting to know Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady doesn't spend more than a half hour getting ready in the mornings, as long as she has her trusty products.

Elite Daily asked McGrady to take us through her morning schedule, which typically begins at 5:30 am. She said,

To our pleasant surprise, we did some research and learned these products are totally affordable.

Celebrities and normals alike swear by all of Kiehl's products; the cleanser Hunter uses costs $19.50, the moisturizers range from $18 to $82 and the under-eye cream will only set you back $22.50.

Additionally, Simple Toner is available at almost every drug store for less than $8.

Simply put, for under $100 you can look EXACTLY like a Sports Illustrated model with these products!

Simple! Easy! Affordable!

Hunter continued to enlighten us about more skin products we didn't know we needed. She said,

Micellar Water is great for cleansing your skin and, as Hunter mentioned, keeping it moisturized and fresh.

In addition to skincare, we needed to get the scoop on how Hunter manages to rock beachy waves that don't look sloppy.


She told Elite Daily,

The Oribe Texturizing Spray will only set you back $46 and, judging by Hunter's locks, it's worth every penny.

Hunter McGrady is as down-to-Earth and personable as she seems, and it's clear we can expect big things from the Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year.