Trouble In Plastic Paradise: The Human Ken Doll Actually Calls Out Human Barbie For Being Fake

Justin Jedlica, more commonly known as "The Human Ken Doll," has come out to bash his female opponent, Valeria Lukyanova, aka "The Human Barbie."

It is no secret that Lukyanova has been receiving a bit more attention for her almost identical transformation into the doll. Yes, she's had plastic surgery, but it is her incredible makeup skills that really help her resemble Barbie.

Jedlica, on the other hand, doesn't really look like Ken, despite spending more than $150,000 dollars on 140 plastic surgeries to look like the doll. So, in what can only be explained as insane jealousy, Jedlica expressed his dislike for Lukyanova during a GQ interview.

"I don't really get her. I don't get why people think she's so interesting. She has extensions. She wears stage makeup. She's an illusionist."

Well, we all know that in doll transformation world using makeup is like cheating, I mean, really, who doesn't know that? Amateurs.

When asked what his favorite surgery is, Jedlica responded:

"My baby is my shoulders, because nobody has anything like them. I divided these so there's six pieces — front, middle, and back. Just like the actual anatomy... "I'm working with a silicone-fabrication company to do an artistic muscle-augmentation-implant line. So all the implants I'm paying custom for myself right now, like my shoulders, my quads, my abs, the lats... they'll hopefully be available to plastic surgeons."

I am pretty sure this guy is missing the whole point of Ken. The doll was supposed to symbolize the ultimate man, every girl's dream guy. But, because he's a doll, Ken's entire persona was really up to your imagination.

We didn't love him for his hot body (although it was a plus), we loved him because we could make him into any man we wanted, not a piece of plastic with three-part shoulders.

Jedlica, better go back and reevaluate the true meaning of perfection, because he's completely missed the mark.