Hugh Jackman Did Something Insane To Lose 10 Pounds Before Shooting 'Logan'


You wanna look like "Logan"? Good effing luck.

Hugh Jackman is barely human.

I don't know if you check out his Instagram as much as I do, but just know, if you aren't grammin' with Jackman daily then you end up missing gems like this...

...or the time he deadlifted a full freaking 1,000 pounds.


How does he do it, though? If we're working off the understanding Hugh Jackman was conceived in a regular way -- not shot to Earth after the core of his home alien planet exploded -- how does he turn himself into such a believable non-man... or shall I say "X-Man"?

The answer is absolutely batshit nuts, so buckle up and grab some comfort food.

According to an article by Esquire,

In much the same way Logan goes through hell to survive the bleak near future, Jackman put his body through hell to get that gaunt-but-ripped look by doing a dehydration regime before shoots.

What is that? Welllll, Hugh got a chance to give the nitty gritty on ridding yourself of all liquids for Hollywood during a recent appearance on "The Late Show."

In order to get his body in Wolverine shape, Jackman said he undergoes an intense three-month regime leading up to shoots.

Then, three days before the shoot itself, Jackman dehydrates himself, explaining to Colbert,

You increase your water intake up to, like, 10 liters of water. What is that, three gallons of water a day? ... Then you stop about 36 hours before you shoot but because you've drunk so much water you're peeing all the time.

After a day and a half of not drinking he throws some claws on and gets to slicing.

Let's be real, though. Drinking a buttload of water before not drinking anymore water will only get you soo far.

Jackman still owes an insane amount of credit to whoever is busting his mutant tush in the gym.

I'm exhausted just watching that Instagram video.

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