Hilary Duff: Having A Baby At Young Age 'Pigeonholed' Career

Being a woman in Hollywood is a tough gig. It seems like actresses are all offered the same old tired roles based solely on their age.

Young and beautiful? They're the love interest.

Middle-aged? Nagging wife.

Anything above that -- they might as well enter retirement.

But Hilary Duff had an interesting experience when trying to land roles. She found that, as a young mother, the jobs weren't really coming in.

Duff was married at 22 and had her son Luca at 24, and she said that she's been "pigeonholed" because of that.

While appearing as a guest host on "The Talk" on Thursday, the now 29-year-old said,

I feel like I was judged for having a baby too soon and getting married too soon. Now I'm pigeonholed for being a mom.

Her comments were sparked by Jennifer Aniston who recently spoke about how society finds her "useless" because she isn't a mother. Duff went on to say,

Lots of women in this industry don't have a child, yet are judged for not having a child and it's crazy that women -- we are the most in demand, and the most desirable, but the most judged and the hardest on one another. Nobody cares about men's personal lives as much as women's.

Aisha Tyler, a co-host of the show, said,

Nobody says to a 45-year-old guy, 'Oh, you don't have any kids yet? Aww, that's so sad.'


Nobody is going up to George Clooney and asking where his babies are at? He isn't on the cover of a trash magazine with his tummy circled in red and big letters questioning "BABY BUMP?" every time he eats a big lunch.

Meanwhile, Will Smith had his first son at age 24, and the roles continued to pour in for him as well.

Ugh, can everyone just stop governing women's uterus and let us live already?

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