Harry Styles Actually Has 4 Nipples And We Love Him Even More


OK, I'm just gonna jump right out there and say Chelsea Handler is the funniest celebrity on the planet – this is not an opinion, it's simply a fact.

That being said, in an unsurprising turn of events, Chelsea's latest interview with singer-turned-actor Harry Styles will make your stomach hurt and your eyes water from laughing.

The two met up for Chelsea's Netflix show, the humbly titled Chelsea, where the hilarious host interviews celebs on all kinds of random stuff like Scientology and being friends with Emma Stone. Naturally, Chelsea had some unique questions for Mr. Styles.

During the interview, Chelsea asks Harry for a bunch of "one-word answers" because, as she puts it, she is going to a pool party and doesn't have time for drawn out responses (LOL). They talk about Harry's new movie Dunkirk, geography, Justin Timberlake, photosynthesis, and Harry's extra nipples.

*RECORD SCRATCH* Wait a minute, what? Yea, you read that correctly. Chelsea asks Harry about the internet rumor he has four nipples, which he confirms with a brief, but confident, "Correct."

Of course, Chelsea having absolutely zero boundaries, she then asks the quad-nippled celeb to point to where the extra teats are on his body, before telling him she "hooked up with a guy who had that once."


If you're not already cackling, Chelsea and Harry go on to fight about the pop star's real name, and then Chelsea asks whether or not Harry is sexually attracted to her, which we obvi already know the answer to.

All I can say after watching this is I thought it would be hard to love Harry Styles or Chelsea Handler anymore than I already did, but, obviously, they proved me wrong. Now I just need a follow-up interview where we actually get to see the star's extra nipples and I'll be all set.