Harry Styles Is So Overwhelmed By Zayn Quitting, He's Crying Onstage


As I'm sure you've heard by now, Zayn Malik officially left One Direction. And although the band has been forced to soldier on without him, that doesn't mean they're taking it lightly.

One Direction had a gig in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday night, and it appeared as if Harry Styles was overcome with emotion while on stage.

ameylie Jones on YouTube

He may have just been wiping sweat from his brow, but it definitely looks as if H-Bomb was tearing up. And can you blame him?

One of his best buds just bailed on him. The guy is clearly going through a lot.

As Harry mourns the loss of Zayn, so does the entire population on Earth. Many people tweeted their reactions to Harry's waterworks and Zayn's departure.

Liam consoled H-Bomb while Louis made a joke about it.

People are almost as sad as Harry.

 Some people are just overwhelmed by their emotions.

Even drug dealers understand the pain of One Direction fans.


Some people are holding candlelight vigils.


Hell, even the mayor of Boston feels the hurt.

Zayn has left a hole inside all of us.

Louis weighed in on the overwhelmingly tragic situation.

As did our crestfallen hero, Harry "H-Bomb" Styles.

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