Harry Potter And Arya Stark Just Took The Selfie To End All Selfies

The Boy Who Lived grew up, went to Comic-Con and took a selfie with Arya Stark.

Leaked superhero movie trailers may have won San Diego Comic-Con, but this photo Maisie Williams posted of herself hanging out with Daniel Radcliffe is giving fantasy lovers a reason to “SQUEEE” this morning.

Williams, who plays Arya Stark on “Game of Thrones,” was at the Con doing a "GoT" panel and playing a small part in the “Doctor Who” season nine trailer when she ran into Radcliffe, who was in town promoting “Victor Frankenstein” with James McAvoy.

Hannah Murray, Westeros' resident “teen mom,” and Jenna Coleman of "Doctor Who" fame are the other two actresses photobombing the background of the shot.

If JJ Abrams and the concept of breaching the space-time continuum were in the picture, I guarantee Instagram would have literally exploded.

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