Hailey Baldwin Stripped Down To Thong For Vitamin Shot

Remember being dragged to countless doctor appointments as a kid, fearing you might have to get a shot?

I remember those horrid days pretty vividly. but Hailey Baldwin? She remembers it like it was yesterday.  The 19-year-old model took to Snapchat to share her horrifying experience at her doctor's office while wearing THIS outfit.

The photo caption reads,

Getting those vitamin shots in.

She ended her caption with a flexed-muscle emoji signifying that she's GOT THIS... But her face says otherwise!

She might as well have done this...

According to, Hailey Baldwin paid a visit to her doctor just before heading out to celebrate Kendall Jenner's 21st birthday in Los Angeles.

During her visit, she had to pull her denim shorts down and brace herself for a vitamin shot in her butt. (*Shivers.*)

The model stood there wearing a thong as she winced in pain and discomfort as a nurse stuck a needle into her ass cheek. BRUTAL.

Behold Hailey Baldwin in pain as she gets a vitamin shot in her butt.


The report also states that Baldwin had gotten a vitamin B12 shot, which is said to help alleviate fatigue and help people recover from crippling hangovers.

I think this solidifies the fact that the Jenners and the Kardashians party hard as fuck. I mean, what other reason would Hailey Baldwin need to jet over to her doctor and demand vitamin shots?!

Along with the help of an unidentified male companion, Hailey eventually mustered up the strength and courage to finish up her visit to the doctor without passing out.

Don't worry, Hailey. We've all been there before.

But hey, look at the bright side, you probably woke up in one piece the next morning. Imagine how destroyed you'd be if you hadn't gotten a vitamin shot before Kendall's 21st...

Eh, you'd be fine regardless. Sunglasses and Advil always do the trick!

Way to toughen up. Check out the video above!

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