Green Day Played An Anti-Trump Song At The AMAs

Green Day showed up to perform at the American Music Awards on Sunday night because sure, why not?

It wasn't exactly a throwback night. Apparently, the punk rock band released a new album, Revolution Radio, last month.

So they came on the awards show to play their new single, "Bang Bang."

It was such a classic Green Day performance. The band members wore their typical black, while frontman Billie Joe Armstrong added his traditional red pop of color with a collar and tie.

But it was classic in more ways than just 44-year-old Armstrong still wearing gel in his hair.

It was a classic Green Day performance in that the band went in on politicians they don't like. On Sunday night, their target was president-elect Donald Trump.

During the performance, Armstrong chanted,

No Trump, no KKK, no fascist U.S.A.

The "KKK" part has to do with the fact the Ku Klux Klan endorsed Trump and is cheering on his victory as their own personal victory.

The "fascist U.S.A." part  has to do with the fact many people believe Trump's campaign had fascist undertones.

That means the leader wants total control of the country, like Adolf Hitler, to whom people have compared Trump.

Green Day's performance got censored for the line, "give me death or give me head."

This is far from Green Day's first experience with political outcry.

In case you don't remember, back in 2004, the band put out the album American Idiot.

American Idiot was released in the middle of George W. Bush's presidency and was a criticism of it.

The album is about growing up during the early 2000s, when the country was launched into the Iraq War.

Green Day on YouTube

Some people were impressed with Green Day's anti-Trump protest at the AMAs on Sunday night.

Other people felt differently.

But between this and the "Hamilton" cast speaking out to Mike Pence over the weekend, we should probably be gearing up for four years of protest music.

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