'Golden Girls' Actress Died 5 Years Ago, But Her Death Just Went Viral

In 2010, the world lost an icon: Rue McClanahan. She was 76 years old at the time of her death.

But yesterday, her death went viral on social media.

For the uninitiated, McClanahan played Blanche Devereaux on the beloved sitcom “The Golden Girls.”

Facebook and Twitter became flooded with hundreds of posts from fans expressing their grief and condolences, unaware McClanahan, in fact, passed away on June 3, 2010.

In fact, many, apparently too stricken to notice the date, proceeded to share the obituary from five years ago printed on CBS News the day of her death.

Oddly, the same thing happened almost exactly one year ago.

A few savvy users pointed out McClanahan's death is old news.

BREAKING: Rue McClanahan died in 2010. http://t.co/BA5yRVyTeB — Roger 何 (@catholiclawyer) June 11, 2015
A friend of mine just posted about Rue McClanahan dying five years ago. #HardTimes — Zack Stovall (@ZStovall) June 11, 2015
This just in: Rue McClanahan, still dead. — Max Weiss (@maxthegirl) June 12, 2015

For many, however, yesterday was a needlessly sad day.

One of a kind..May she rest in peace.Rue McClanahan, One of the "Golden Girls" Stars, Dies at 76 http://t.co/I1h78jk8zq — Sarah Dash (@SarahDash) June 11, 2015
Rue McClanahan is gone too? This is a horrible day! — Alicia Mello (@AliciaIsMello) June 11, 2015
oh no!!!! blanch devereaux RIP http://t.co/KrMglblpc0 — OFFICIAL DANA MARIE♥ (@itsDANAmarie) June 11, 2015

Well, Rue, you certainly haven't been forgotten. Rest in peace, girlfriend.

Apparently in the past 24hrs the power of social media resurrected, killed, & mourned #RueMcClanahan. Thank you for being a friend...again? — Wendy Farrington (@SerendipityWAF) June 12, 2015
I was very saddened to hear that "#GoldenGirls" star, #RueMcClanahan,died again. — Jonathan (@houseofrosen) June 12, 2015
I look forward to breaking the news of Lucille Ball's passing. She, too, deserves to be mourned twice. #shortattentionspans #RueMcClanahan — Ali Kashani (@KashaniAli) June 12, 2015

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