Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Had The Cutest PDA Backstage After He Won An AMA


Gigi Hadid had an insane night hosting the 2016 American Music Awards, but she still made time for a quick smooch with Zayn backstage.

Zayn Malik, the 23-year-old One Direction dropout, won New Artist of the Year – and Gigi was ready to shower him with affection from the moment he accepted his award.

After Zayn gave his speech, Gigi patiently waited for her bae off-stage. When she saw him, it looked like they fell in love all over again.

I'm serious... this could have been straight out of a romance movie.

Zayn y Gigi Hadid en el backstage de los #AMAs  pic.twitter.com/FUkNXFPDng — ZAYN Updates (@ZAYNUpdats) November 21, 2016

When the cameras caught them, they made eye contact almost immediately and embraced one another with open arms. They even shared a quick kiss and remained hugging few a few moments after.

Is it even possible to be this adorable?! Because I really, really didn't think it was.

To make matters even cuter, Gigi showed her support for her famous boyfriend in a recent interview with E! News, when she spoke about hosting the AMAs.

During the interview, she showed support for Zayn by confidently stating,

I am definitely voting for him… I don't know if I'm allowed to say that as a host, but I am.

Um... can you say POWER COUPLE?!

I didn't think a celebrity duo could be this sincerely into one another, but I was definitely wrong. This is true love, and I've never seen anything like it.

Heck, even the internet is acknowledging the humble beauty of the couple's relationship.


If tonight's public display of affection backstage at the American Music Awards is a prediction of the stars' future together, we can only imagine good things to come.

Keep being perfect, you two. We're just going to sit here and admire from afar while wishing that someday we'll be in relationships as sweet as yours.