Gigi Hadid On BF Zayn: 'He Is Obviously So Gorgeous'

I wanna know what love is... I want Gigi Hadid to show me.

Gigi is totally, completely and utterly in love with her boyfriend Zayn Malik.

Honestly, who isn't? Have you looked at that boy?

Before the model heads off to co-host the American Music Awards next Sunday with Jay Pharoah, she sat with ET and gushed about her sweet baboo.

Malik will also be appearing at the American Music Awards as he was nominated for New Artist of the Year.

We don't know if the couple, who met at a Victoria Secret party, will walk the red carpet together, but Hadid is obviously excited to support him!

She said,

I'm so excited for him. I think that he is so talented and comes from such a genuine place of loving music. He only gets up there when he feels really excited about it, so for the music that he put out, I think he really deserves to be appreciated for it.

She also added,

I think the more he's on his own, the more he's finding the soul in the music and what's making him really happy to sing and genuinely makes him want to be on stage. The music that he's starting to do more now is just showing how much more he's learning about himself.

Hadid said that before they met one another, they had never really been on a first date.

I'm still waiting to go on a first date, but I am also a hideous sea witch.

She told ET,

I met him once before and he is obviously so gorgeous, but really the way we could have conversations and kind of just…we're really interested in the same things, so it was really easy. So that was amazing.

Hadid also talked about her sister Bella and how they used to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show together, and now they're walking in it. Hadid added,

We used to sit in our rooms like so many sisters do in this country and watch the show together. Fans were finding old tweets from back in the day of us literally sitting on the bed together watching… I think Bella tweeted she's going to piggyback me down the finale runway or something! So maybe we'll have to try that this year.

Honestly, I'm a bit jealous. VS has never asked me and my brother to walk in their show. It would be a dream come true for both of us.

Watch Hadid host the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 20 on ABC.

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