Gigi Hadid Did A Melania Trump Impression At The AMAs

Did... did Gigi Hadid just record her "Saturday Night Live" audition tape at the American Music Awards?

It kinda really seems like she did because homegirl just busted out her Melania Trump impression while she was co-hosting the 2016 AMAs with Jay Pharoah on Sunday night.

While Gigi and Jay were opening up the night — Jay doing his well-known Jay Z impression from his "SNL" days — Gigi mentioned she had an impression she had been working on.

Jay gave her the floor, and then Gigi just went for it.

She got the Melania face right, but the names she got a little mixed up.

She said,

I love my husband, Barack Obama, and our children, Sasha and Malia.

Honestly, it was kind of scary, but also, kind of accurate.

Jay was pretty impressed, and dubbed Gigi "spot on."

Not to be out done, Jay broke out his own Donald Trump impression.

.@JayPharoah busts out a Trump impression at the #AMAs — Mashable News (@MashableNews) November 21, 2016

He said, in his best Alec Baldwin voice with his best T-Rex hands,

I love Bruno Mars. I don't know what color he is so I can't deport him. Everyone, everyone, everyone, look. He looks like Mowgli from 'The Jungle Book.' He does. I love 'Uptown Funk.' It was totally about me. It was originally called 'Uptown Trump.' I'm gonna funk this country up bigly.

I'm starting to think maybe that dude wants to get back on "SNL."

Then both Gigi and Jay did a pseudo musical number to introduce some of the big names we'll be seeing tonight, which was... weird.

I admit, I don't really want to see either Gigi Hadid or Jay Pharoah rapping or doing whatever this is.


Anyway, I hope both Gigi and Jay have the quality filter on for their Twitter mentions because I think they can both be expecting a nice tweet from the president-elect any minute now.