Gigi Hadid Gushes Over Zayn Malik's GQ Spread With Adorable Instagram Post

Zayn Malik has been on fire recently, and Gigi Hadid is super into it.

Sure, not everyone loved his newest music video for "Cruel," but no one can deny the 23-year-old singer looks fine as hell in his recent GQ photo shoot.

And anyway, why should Zayn care what anyone else thinks when his model girlfriend thinks he's "dreamy"?

On Thursday, Gigi took to Instagram to express exactly how she feels about her boo's sexy shoot.

The reviews are in: He's dreamy AF.

Now, hopefully Gigi won't get mad at me if I say I wholeheartedly agree with her assessment.

I mean... the tattoos, the stubble, the unbuttoned shirt... yeah, all signs are pointing to dreamy. Really, really dreamy.

Zayn told GQ his style these days is all about embracing the scruff and grunge.

He said,

It's about being happy to look a bit scruffy.I just got into the whole rock sort of feel to clothes — big boots, skinny jeans, and dark T-shirt and rings. Just the grungy feel.

Uh, yeah, I think that scruff strategy is working for ya, Zayn.

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