People Are Pissed At French Montana's Racist Comments Against Black Women


French Montana (read: Khloé Kardashian's ex) is under fire on Twitter because of a few anti-black tweets he sent out to a black female Twitter user on Wednesday night.

A young woman, whose Twitter name is "@artdecoxxx," initially tweeted about French Montana to her followers.

She wrote:

Notice that French Montana is not tagged, nor does he follow her on Twitter.

Still, he found her tweet and clapped back fairly quickly:

The problem isn't that he clapped back, since shade is par for the course on social media. The problem was that his tweet was obviously laced with racism.

Twitter users began calling him out for his anti-black statements.

His defense?

Prayer hands for emphasis.

Twitter still wasn't buying French Montana's excuse.

There was also a debate about whether or not he should be considered black and therefore, given a little leniency.

For clarity: Montana is not black, but Moroccan.

Much of Twitter decided that since he is from a country in Africa, that makes him black. It doesn't. Clue: There are white people who are from Africa too. They're still not black.

Even if Montana were black, his comment is still wrong.

His user of the term "nappy" was a racial insult to black hair textures, deeming them undesirable and inferior. It was also stupid, because her was tightly braided and actually not nappy at all.

Please understand: Black women are tired.

This is why Kendrick Lamar received so much backlash for his comments on "natural" women.

While I felt Lamar was simply expressing his preference and not bashing women who don't go the natural route, it was understandable why other black women felt the need to speak out against yet another black man trying to define beauty for them.

Black men cannot define beauty for black women.

So we definitely are not going to let a non-black man, who profits off black culture, try and throw our blackness in our face as though it is a flaw we should be ashamed of.

And for the record?

Word to Michelle Obama, nappy hair is popping.