Fifth Harmony Fans Are Getting Demi Lovato Involved

We have never been closer to the apocalypse than when Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony, leaving the rest of humankind in utter chaos.

The above GIF is literally people tweeting about Camila calling it quits with the all-lady band.

But when Fifth Harmony's need is most dire, who do 5H fans turn to?

Demi Lovato, of course -- you know, the person almost entirely responsible for the creation of Fifth Harmony on "X Factor"... or shall I call them, Fourth Harmony?

Needless to say, fans want Demi to sign the group to her record label Safehouse Records, especially after leaked audio had Lauren Jauregui complaining about the fivesome... uh, foursome's current management.

Safehouse Records, which was cofounded by Nick Jonas, would be the perfect fit for the group. And the internet wants to make this happen in a big way.

Ju agrees and used the hashtag #DemiSave5hSafeHouse as a means to help spread the word.


Harmos = boss. It's basic math (emphasis on "basic").

Hey, Harmonizers? In the words of Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never, never, never give up."


I haven't seen a group of ladies in more need of help since the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. OK, fine, I take it back...

Demi?! Are you out there?! Our girls need you. I... *looks downcast* I need you.


One Twitter user is offering her thanks in advance, Demi. That's like getting paid before you do the job SO NOW YOU HAVE TO SIGN THEM, DEMI.

Angel is basically equating Fifth Harmony with unwanted children from a Dickensian orphanage. "Please, Madam Lovato. Spare a few tuppence to save these ladies from a life of wickedness."


I seriously hope their pleas work.

This could very well be Fifth Harmony's final hour.

I pray that Demi will see the light and bring this talented group of girls into her fold.

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