This Fan At The Oscars Is All Of Us After Meeting Ryan Gosling

by Anna Menta

A lot dreams came true at the 2017 Oscars on Sunday night, but my favorite by far is this woman who lost her shit over meeting Ryan Gosling.

Allow me to provide some context. See, Jimmy Kimmel was the host of the 89th Academy Awards.

And for some reason, Jimmy Kimmel's idea of an Oscar's bit was to bus in a bunch of regular people who were just on a regular Hollywood bus tour and surprise them with all these A-list actors in the Dolby theater.

It was awkward and painful and went on about five minutes longer than it needed to. It was made even more uncomfortable by a man named Gary, who went around kissing every actress's hand.

But the one saving grace of it all was this one woman's amazing reaction to "La La Land" star Ryan Gosling.

Because this woman had the exact right reaction to meeting to the embodiment of charm and excellent bone structure.

You can just see her leaving her body in shock that this is actually happening. But also, like any good tourist would, she keeps filming the entire thing on her selfie-stick-mounted iPhone.

Look, who wouldn't react this way to Ryan Gosling? The dude is literally perfect. This woman is peak relatable.

And you guys know what that means, right? Because what does the internet do to relatable people? Meme the ever loving heck out of them, of course!

The game became guessing what it was that Ryan whispered in the woman's ear to make her react that way, and Twitter took to the challenge with glee.

Example: Perhaps Ryan was recapping the results of the 2017 Superbowl to her.

Or maybe he was sharing his secret Best Picture wish.

Or maybe he was sharing his real opinion on jazz.

Or maybe he was predicting that freakin' CRAZY Best Picture announcement.

You know, that thing where they announced that "La La Land" won Best Picture when actually "Moonlight" won?

That shit is even crazier than meeting Ryan Gosling.

Anyways, shout out to this woman for being my favorite Oscar attendee.