Praise The Lord: 32 Reasons Why Scott Disick Is Your Spirit Animal

by Ashley Fern

Whether you like him or not — Scott Disick is the f*cking man. He may be in the Kardashian clan, but that doesn't mean he agrees, likes or supports anything the family does.

He understands that everyone thinks they are a joke, and deep down it seems like he feels the exact same way — but just remember he's married to the hot one, not the porn "star."

Look at this fine example below:

He says all of the things we wish we could say and more. Take a look at exactly why Scott Disick is the man below.

1. He knows his self-worth

And isn't afraid to show it.

 2. He's fun to argue with

At least he's nice when he's fighting with you.

3. He understands the value of looking good

No matter the price, if it helps your appearance, it's worth it.

4. Despite what you may think, he can be very humble at times

Who would've thought?

5. He never hesitates to put Kim K in her place

And isn't that the best part of it all?

6. He's quite in tune with his emotions

I'm glad you're doing OK, Mr. Disick.

7. He realizes the importance of self-reflection when it comes to his work

All work and no play makes Disick a dull boy.

8. He knows how important it is to make a good impression

See the importance of good decor?

9. He is a loyal and faithful guy

You tell 'em.

10. He is also quite the family man

That looks safe.

11. And even a stoner

A man after my own heart.

12. He can take care of animals

And he does it with such grace.

13. He supports his family's initiatives

Such a great guy!

 14. He doesn't hold back his feelings

You let it out honey; now put it in the book.

 15. He knows what the ladies want

He puts Noah and his 365 letters to shame.

16. He has an emotional side

There, there...

17. He's always looking out for the best interest of his children

What a great guy.

18. He knows how to look good in the most stressful of situations

Thank God for that.

19. He gives great compliments

Such a gentleman.

20. He minds his manners

At least he's polite!

21. He knows how to keep the romance alive

And isn't that the most important part of any relationship?

22. He isn't afraid to tell it like it is

That's right, Scott!

23. He responds to criticism really well

That is the sign of a strong man.

24. He likes a woman who eats

And will encourage her to do so at all costs.

25. He knows when he needs to change

And does it so so well.

26. He isn't afraid to embrace his feminine side

He knows when he needs to manage those toes.

27. He's quite business savvy

Such a smart guy!

28. He values religion

He knows exactly why religion is so important.

29. He's always trying new things

He knows the importance of switching things up.

30. He has great pick-up lines

I'm sure this is exactly how he landed Kourtney.

31. He knows just how to apologize

So sweet and sincere.

32. So all in all...


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