'Bachelorette' Rachel Dumped Eric & Twitter Is Fighting Over Who Gets To Date Him

by Laura Rizzo

Eric Bigger is literally the Bachelorette contestant that could. Staying relatively low-key at the beginning of Season 13, he quickly rose (no pun intended) to be a season favorite. We could always count on Eric for a laugh, cool dance moves, and that megawatt smile. "We out here!" Hell yeah, we are. Unfortunately, Rachel Lindsay sent Eric home during the last rose ceremony. So now fans are all curious, is Eric single after The Bachelorette?

Eric's main storyline was that he had never been in love before. Rachel and Eric actually bonded a bit over this — the fact that their emotions can sometimes hold them back. However, Eric fell hard for Rachel. He posted a picture on his Instagram of their date in Denmark. The caption reads,

The moment when nothing else matters but the love, connection and affection you share with the most beautiful person in the world. @therachlindsay, you are the only one who allowed me to open my [heart] up and feel something I never felt, and it's so beautiful because WE create magic. Thank you for being so uniquely you, strong and vulnerable at the right time so we can feel what we felt, complete bliss. THE LOVE IS REAL! #bacheloretteabc #bachelor #TeamEric #itsmiracleseason #ericbigger

I feel that right in the empty space where my heart used to be. JK, Eric is legit the sweetest guy in franchise history. He started calling Season 13 "Miracle Season" because of the positive feedback he received. He said in an Instagram post,

When I say "It's Miracle Season"... I mean it because my miracle came true!! The process was crazy and from March 13th up until today... all I can say is "wow"! I'm so filled with joy and love but most importantly I've experienced growth! Tune in tonight [August 7] to see what happens on this wild journey to find love! It's judgment day... are you guys ready!!?? #itsmiracleseason #ericbigger #inspiration

Eric was very upbeat leading up to finale night, but was it worth it? Eh. Poor Eric was sent home, but that only makes people love him more. In fact, fans on Twitter are admitting they're interested in dating him next!

So, what does life look like for Eric after The Bachelorette? Pretty fantastic, actually. He's living the life and looks good doing it. Unfortunately, there's no word if he has a new girlfriend or is dating, but his life seems too busy for love at the moment.

He grew a beard.

After a breakup, women always cut their hair. At least I do. Same sort of thing — Eric grew a beard. TBH, he looks hot AF.

He's strengthening his workout game.

The personal trainer recently released a couple workout with fitness hottie, Katie Austin. While she does these collabs with lots of different people, Eric and Austin looked especially good doing it.

He's hanging out with family.

Eric got a visit from his little sister, Lacey. You can definitely see the resemblance, they are both adorable.

He's spending time with other Bachelorette alum.

Eric and Fred seem super happy. Honestly, they both look amazing. Rachel Lindsay may have passed, but I'm not.

He's spreading inspiration via social media.

Eric has a way of firing people up, his Twitter followers included. He frequently posts inspiration videos that will make you feel great.

Eric may have gotten his heart broken, but he bounced back like an absolute champ. I can't wait to see what's next for him.