Adrian Grenier Says Going To Burning Man Was Like Discovering America


Adrian Grenier says he lives every day like it's Burning Man, because of course he does. He's Adrian Grenier.

Vinnie Chase sat down with New York mag recently and gave one of my favorite interviews of all time.

It's not my favorite because I had any major life epiphanies while reading or got insight into the mind of one of my favorite innovative thinkers in the world.

It's my favorite because it made me realize just how little Adrian Grenier and I would have to talk about if we were to share a long car ride together or even just a quick meal at Denny's.

Listen, I'm sure Grenier is a nice guy in person, but I've never met a man who better embodies the concept of someone at a fun party making a toast that ends with, "... as much fun as we are having here let's all take a moment to remember the Syrian refugee crisis."

Before going on, we need a little more perspective about the context of this interview. There are two things you should probably realize before seeing some of these excerpts.

First off, Adrian is a major environmental activist who works a lot with whales, because of course Adrian Grenier is a massive environmental activist who works with whales.

Secondly, he JUST got back from Burning Man, because of course Adrian Grenier just got back from Burning Man.

This is Adrian Grenier's take on straws and education:

This is Adrian Grenier's take on aliens and his employment as a Hollywood actor:

These are Adrian Grenier's feelings about Burning Man and discovering America:

This is Adrian Grenier still talking about Burning Man:

This is the ACTUAL response Adrian Grenier gave about whether he is single or not:

THAT IS THE SINGLE WORST ANSWER TO ANY QUESTION EVER. He could have literally responded, "Feet are pointless," and it would have been a better answer than that.

It would have made me respond, "OK, cool. I don't know what that has to do with my question," but it still would have been better than that Rube Goldberg of an answer.

Goddamn is Adrian Grenier infuriatingly beautiful, though...

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