Emma Watson Reveals Simple Trick She Uses To Only Work Out 30 Minutes A Day

by Dylan Kickham

Given how amazing she looks, you probably assume Emma Watson spends all of her down-time in the gym, right? Well, nope.

The actress only works out 30 minutes a day and still looks like a freaking goddess. Thankfully for us mortals, Watson's trainer shared her super time-efficient workout regimen.

While Emma Watson is the name on everyone's lips as she continues her press tour to promote "Beauty and the Beast," Cosmopolitan dug up an old interview with the starlet's trainer, Emily Drew, where she detailed the half-hour process she puts Watson through to attain her enviable bod.

Emily Drew revealed the regimen she puts Watson through focuses on the "Three S's," which are stretching, strength and stillness.

First, Watson does a few postural stretches to get the most out of her exercise. These are largely focused on her lower body, stretching out her quads, hamstrings and hip flexors for a half a minute each.

The bulk of the workout comes in the strength training. The first circuit is two eight-minute reps of lunges, squats and step-ups, followed by six minutes of stability ball exercises to tighten the core.

Finally, Drew emphasizes the importance of stillness to cap off the workout, which helps de-stress and find balance.

She has Emma Watson do a few minutes of yoga, followed by stretching again, and ending with three minutes of breathing meditation. The last thing Watson does is repeat an affirmation to herself 20 times each day.

You can check out a handy visual guide to Emma Watson's 30-minute workout at the bottom of this post, courtesy of Emily Drew via MoveNourishBelieve.com.

So, there you have it — that's how it only takes Emma Watson 30 minutes to look like... well, Emma Watson.

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely thinking about canceling my gym membership, buying a stability ball and just cranking out an Emma Watson workout while watching half an episode of "Shameless."


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