Emma Watson Won't Talk About Her Boyfriend


Emma Watson is in love and you're not part of it, you big creep.

The “Beauty and the Beast” actress mentioned her boyfriend — whom Vanity Fair said the internet claims is “called Mack,” is “handsome” and “works in tech in Silicon Valley” — in an interview for the magazine's March issue, though she kept it vague.

After all, according to Emma,

This girl likes to keep details of her relationship close to the vest because the ease of her daily life kind of depends on it.

She explained,

Aw, so she keeps it quiet for him, too. That's love. That is real, mysterious, unconditional love.

Mack isn't Emma's only escape from the rest of our thirsty asses. She also appreciates a good book.

What? You thought it was going to be something crazier? Like psychedelics or bear wrestling? It's a book, weirdo. Read one about psychedelics or bear wrestling. It's called research.

Emma told VF she considers reading “sacred,” and not just because of the series whose film adaptation launched her career.


She said,

Sweet Lord of all things precious and fantastic… books are the best. It's also somewhat satisfying to hear the woman who played Hermione Granger — Hogwarts' smartest witch ever, probably (don't @ me) — and Belle get choked up over her profound love of literature.

In many ways, it's as though books are Emma's greatest love.

LOL, kidding. It's probably Mack.

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