Emma Watson Talks Feminism In 'Beauty And The Beast'


We're just days away from the worldwide premiere of the live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast," and the anticipation is palpable.

But, before you go into the theater on March 17 expecting to see just another Disney classic come to life, you need to read what Emma Watson, who plays Belle, had to say about the film's hidden feminist message.


The 26-year-old actress recently chatted with Mashable about how Belle's love of books is the foundation for the movie's hidden message about feminism and literacy.

She said,

Watson continued,

Preach, girl!

Speaking of feminism, you'll recall Emma Watson recently came under fire from many for her somewhat controversial Vanity Fair photo shoot.

In one of the photos, Watson showed off some serious underboob, which didn't sit well with several supposed feminists on Twitter.

Cry me a river, Julia.

Emma Watson, being the badass feminist she is, sat down with Reuters to address the mass hysteria her photo shoot caused.

Speaking on the outrage, she said,

Watson continued,

Seriously, though, everyone needs to get a grip. Emma Watson can express herself however she damn well pleases.

Speaking on the Vanity Fair photo shoot, the 26-year-old added,


Don't forget to check out Watson in "Beauty and the Beast" on Friday, March 17!


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