Eddie Redmayne Denies Dating Taylor Swift

I have shocking news, everyone: Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne never, ever dated, so you can finally put your curiosity from 2012 to rest.

Crazy, right? How could this be?  We're used to an endless stream of men flowing in and out of the singer's life, but Redmayne just denied that they ever mingled in a romantic way, US Weekly reports.

However, he still thinks she's "extraordinary."

The dashing 34-year-old "Les Miserables" actor recently sat down with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" on Wednesday night and put the dating rumors to an end once and for all.

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When asked if he ever went on a date with Taylor Swift, he said,

I absolutely can put the rumors to rest. I never went out on a date with Taylor Swift. Although, I met Taylor Swift.

Interesting... I wonder why Tay didn't sweep him off his feet upon being introduced to him. I mean, look at him!

Talk about prime song material. He's cute AF.


He continued, and said,

She auditioned for "Les Miserables" and she was amazing in the audition. We got to sing together, which was a big moment for me. But no, we never went out. She was extraordinary.

Wait one second: Taylor Swift auditioned for "Les Miserables?" Where was I when this happened?!

I digress.


Apparently, Swift auditioned for the role of Epinone, who is a woman in love with Redmayne's character in the film (seems about right).

She was reportedly up against stars like Hayden Panettiere, Scarlett Johansson, Lea Michele and Lucy Hale, but ultimately lost to Samantha Barks.

It's OK, Tay. It was worth a shot! At least you got to sing with Eddie!

I do wish some sparks flew between the actor and the musician, though. I think they'd be adorable together.

Maybe Taylor can call him back for a duet on her next album.

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