Rihanna Couldn't Keep Her Hands Off Drake On Stage And He Obviously Loved It

Drake and Rihanna made their adorable lovefest more public than ever during a concert this weekend.

Music's best power couple (yeah, that's right, I'm ranking them above Beyoncé and Jay Z-- come at me) couldn't keep their hands off each other as they performed onstage in LA on Saturday.

There was hip-grabbing, head-kissing, hand-holding -- all that lovey dovey stuff you pretend to vomit over, but secretly want more than anything in the world.

Honestly, the amount of physical contact between these two will give you chills.




We've been obsessed with the couple all summer since they started officially dating.

But interest really peaked when Drake declared his love for Rihanna for all to see at the VMAs.

Everyone watching thought he was going to straight-up propose to her on stage.

Drake basically said he's been in love with her for most of his 20s.

But it didn't stop there, oh no.

After the VMAs there was THAT aquarium date with the toy sharky...

Which mysteriously ended up on Rihanna's ankle in tattoo form...

And then on Drake's arm.

DRAKE HAS THE SHARK TATTOO FUUCCKKKKK — bethany bolton (@bethanyboltonn) September 5, 2016


The kind of love that makes you want to grab the nearest human, handcuff them to your arm and claim them yours for the winter months.