Drake Implied Nicki Minaj Gave Him A Boner While Giving Him A Lap Dance

Nicki Minaj teased some stills from her yet-to-be-released music video for "Anaconda" on her Instagram, and they are sexy, to say the least.

They also feature the Internet's favorite rapper, Drake.

Based off of these few photos, it seems as if the whole video is just Nicki giving Drake a lap dance. Most people probably aren't going to complain about that and, clearly, neither is Drake.

Drake posted one of the photos to his own Instagram account with the caption,

Ayyyyyyyye @nickiminaj way way wayyyyyy up. Def the best invite to a video shoot EVER. #ViewsFromMyChair #MyAnacondaWasWayUp

So, yeah, if you couldn't tell from that thinly veiled euphemism, Nicki Minaj gave Drake a big ol' boner. Check out the photos below for more.

There's nothing subtle about this

Drake would kiss her if he could

Taking a mental photograph

Clearly covering up his boner

Photos Courtesy: Instagram