How Drake Went From Nothing Special On 'Degrassi' To Seriously Hot

Between Bieber's bare ass and Drake's shirtless photos, there's been no shortage of eye candy flooding our Instagram feeds this week.

I've always assumed Biebs had a nice butt hiding under those jeans, so that's not huge news. Drake's new pics, on the other hand, definitely made me do a double take.

Remember that skinny kid we used to love watching on "Degrassi"?

Well, if you're reading this, it's too late: That scrawny Drake just got a muscular makeover, and, to be honest, I don't think any ladies are going to miss Jimmy now that he's gone.

Apparently, the 28-year-old rapper has been running through the six and hitting the gym hard, or as he likes to call it #pushingpounds.

And let me tell you, all those sweat sessions are really paying off because his sexy, shirtless pics do not disappoint.

In fact, lots of ladies on the Internet are going insane over his hot, new bod and suddenly the thirst for this Canadian Champagne Papi is pretty unreal.

If there's one thing Drake has taught us, it's that you should never forget where you came from.

So, let's take a moment to remember our beloved OG Drake from when he started from the bottom on "Degrassi" and move on to admire his blessed, buff transformation.

Remember this guy?

This is Drake back in the day...

When he started from the bottom playing Jimmy on "Degrassi."

Well, now he's here.

Yep, your beloved wheelchair-bound boy has gone from scrawny...

To seriously swole and he isn't afraid to flex his gains with a couple shirtless Instagram pics.

Now, everyone is going batsh*t crazy about how much he's changed in such a short time.

In case y'all forgot. #Drake #ThankYouDiddy — Issa Rae (@IssaRae) July 7, 2015

The Young Money rapper has never really been known for having a super buff bod.

In fact, just a few months ago, he was flashing an average physique.

I guess Drizzy has been really dedicated to "pushing pounds" at the gym lately...

And his hard work is clearly paying off...

Because all of a sudden, Champagne Papi is looking extra blessed...

And his new muscles are making the ladies super thirsty.

Don't worry, we'll never forget you, Jimmy!