Dennis Quaid Went Off On A Terrifying Rant On The Set Of His Movie (Video)

Dennis Quaid isn't an actor you hear all that much about. He seems like a decent guy, and he's been in some solid movies.

He's not one to make a lot of noise -- until now.

Someone posted a video on YouTube of Quaid freaking out on a movie set recently. It's unclear what film Quaid was working on, but he really goes off the hinges in this clip.

It's also unclear if this is real or just some elaborate prank. If it is real, Dennis has some serious anger issues.

Basically, he has a Christian Bale-like meltdown and screams a ton of bad words. His use of foul language is actually quite amusing, especially since it's coming from the guy who starred in "The Rookie."

Check out Quaid's profanity-laced tirade up above.