Demi Lovato Says She Wants Kim K As Her Personal Assistant In Awkward Interview


Did you happen to forget about the days when Kim Kardashian worked as a personal assistant to major celebrities like Paris Hilton?

I know I sure didn't, and I guess neither did Demi Lovato. The singer was forced to choose one Kardashian she'd want as an assistant in an awkward new interview, and she chose Kim without any hesitation.

Although it sounds like Demi wants Kim as an assistant more out of love for her than actually remembering the reality star has some experience in the field.

In an interview with E! News, in which the interviewer asked Demi and her "Smurfs: The Lost Village" co-star Joe Manganiello purposefully awkward questions, the singer gushed about Kim as soon as the Kardashian name was brought up.

When asked which Kardashian she'd choose to be her assistant, Demi answered,

I love Kim. Kim's a friend of mine. She's sweet. She's awesome.

Aww, so sweet! I mean, I guess she is technically saying she would choose Kim as her personal assistant for a day, but it sounds like the choice is based on just spending some quality time together instead of bossing her around.

For those not in the know, Kim and Demi's friendship goes back to about 2011, when Demi revealed that Kardashian supported her and became one of her best friends as she was undergoing rehab for substance abuse.

Since then, the two have been super complimentary of one another in interviews, and Demi even stood up for Kim when all that Kanye-Taylor Swift drama was going down last year.

And because of her stance in that incident, it was also no surprise when Demi answered the next awkward question — whether she'd prefer to be trapped in an elevator with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or Kanye West — by pretty quickly choosing Kanye, saying she wanted to figure out how his mind works.

Sooo, will Kim follow through and be Demi's assistant for a day sometime soon? I would personally love to revisit Kim's iconic assistant days, when she would organize Paris' closet and help her pick out clothes.

Check out the awkward interview below:

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