Demi Lovato Dyed Her Hair And She Looks Like A Completely Different Person

Demi Lovato must be feeling extra "Confident" lately because she just dyed her hair a completely new shade.

The 24-year-old singer debuted her new golden locks on Sunday evening with an Instagram selfie.

Yup, say goodbye to Demi Lovato's dark brown curls because the girl's rockin' a new look for the fall.

The star posted an Instagram selfie and looks like a completely different person with her dyed hair.

Demi Lovato, is that you?!?!?!


DAMNNNN, it looks good though. If I dyed my hair blonde, it would be a disaster. Dem, I'm mad jealous you can pull this off.

The queen of confidence captioned the photo, "Goldie locks," along with a yellow heart emoji.

According to the Instagram comments, fans are loving her look.

SLAYYYYY, DEMI, SLAYYYYYYY. The people like what they see.


Hair goals, yo.

In case you forgot what Demi used to look like (back in the day!!!), here's a pic of her with brown hair.


The difference between Demi as a blonde and as a brunette is pretty drastic when you scroll between the two.

This isn't the first time Demi's changed up her look. The girl loves to play with her style.

She's cut her hair super short...


She's dyed it bright teal...


Added a pop of purple...

A little bit of pink...

And even side-shaved part of her hair.



Yup, Demi is obviously a badass and not afraid to take risks when it comes to cutting and styling her hair.

So, if you're trying to make a change to your own look, you should definitely follow Demi's guidance.

Now that it's almost time for sweater weather and cuffing season, you may want to consider going a shade darker (or lighter) to mix things up.

THANKS FOR THE HAIR INSPO, DEMI! Time to book an appointment with my stylist.