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Daniel Radcliffe Said Trump's Not As Ideological As Voldemort

"Look, the Mudbloods... They're bringing in their Squibs. I'm going to build a Chamber of Secrets. It's gonna be huge and I'm gonna make the Muggle-born pay for it."

This is how I imagine the wizarding world's version of Donald Trump would act if he took power in the "Harry Potter" universe.

As anyone who's read "Harry Potter" can tell you, Donald Trump and Voldemort are cut from the same cloth.

Both xenophobic, power-hungry leaders of a band of angry and hateful miscreants, Donald and He Who Must Not Be Named would probably be great friends.

Author JK Rowling happens to agree and even tweeted out that she thinks Trump might even be worse than You Know Who.


I mean, to be fair, Donald did sound like he was sniffing out of snake-like nostrils during the first presidential debate.

Now that we know how JK feels about the Republican presidential candidate, what does the Boy Who Lived think about Donald's Death Eater tendencies?

In an interview with Sky News at the Empire Live film festival, Daniel Radcliffe was asked about JK's assertion that Trump is worse the Voldemort.

In response, Radcliffe said,

I sort of think Donald Trump might not be as ideologically pure as Voldemort. My thing on Trump is that he feels like more of an opportunist — like I don't know how much of this stuff he's saying he actually, really, really believes.

OK, so Trump might not exactly have horcruxes... but if he did, what would they be? His hair? His hands?

Also, let's be real. Chris Christie is totally the Peter Pettigrew to Trump's Voldemort. Hands (and wands) down.

The scary thing is I think Trump might truly believe what he says.

Daniel went on to say that the comparison was "certainly not without its merits." Personally, I think it's spot-on.

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