Cliff Pantone From 'Bring It On' Is Just As Hot As You Remember

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"Bring It On" is one of those quotable movies that makes every 20-year-old feel good.

Like, the opening cheer scene of that movie is iconic. Everyone wanted to be Big Red.

Having a bad day? Just watch this scene and sing along -- you'll instantly feel great about yourself.

If this movie didn't make you regret not being a cheerleader in high school, then I think you have to re-evaluate your life.

But I wasn't just jealous of Torrance because she got to be cheer captain (I wasn't even a cheerleader, what am I saying?), but because she ended up with Cliff Pantone.

Because of this movie, Cliff practically ended up becoming the prototype for every guy I've dated in the last two years.

Like, remember the scene where Torrance listens to the mixtape Cliff made for her and dances on her bed in her pajamas?

This was so fucking adorable. I'm literally crying. No guy ever made me a mixtape.

"Bring It On" came out in 2000 -- 16 years ago! So I decided to see what Jesse Bradford, the man who started my early on-set puberty, looks like now. I still feel the same.

He just posted this on Instagram last week.

I'm honestly speechless.

He's an animal lover, too.

I wanna be that pup so bad.

What's even hotter than liking animals? Caring about politics. Here he is throwing shade at Trump.

If this was a promo for a TV show it would be called "2 Woke Boys."

Here he is, probably wishing this guitar was real so he could make another song for Torrance.

Those arms look like the perfect size to hold me.

And he's as silly in real life as he was in the movie.

Looks fun to ride. I'm talking about the rocking horse, guys!

I think he really likes black and white photos. ~ so artsy ~

Jesse Bradford be like, "Lookin' for a fuck to give."

And his acting career is still going strong! Recently, he posted one of his upcoming roles on "NCIS."

I'm surprised I forgot about you, Cliff. But after these photos, I will never forget again.