Chrissy Teigen Owns Twitter Troll After He Bets Her Marriage Won't Last

by Hope Schreiber

Chrissy Teigen knows her way around 140-characters.

Honestly, my worse fear is to be on the end of one of her epic clap backs -- not that I would ever say anything bad about Teigen on Twitter.

The truth is, I want her to be my best friend and I want people to write about our hilarious Twitter exchanges. I want them to hashtag us as #friendshipgoals. But I feel like even saying that makes me come off as a weirdo. Damn it, Hope. Play it cool for once.

Despite getting ready to look like perfection itself on the red carpet for the premiere of "Beauty and the Beast," Teigen still carved out a little time to shut down one Twitter troll who questioned the staying-ability of her and John Legend's marriage.

Which, like, have you seen them? They're good, fam.

The Twitter user's short profile reads "quit creeping," so already I'm annoyed. Don't tell me how to live my life.

On top of judging my creepy peepers, he also threw shade by tweeting:


Austin D, who hurt you?

While others roasted Austin, Teigen replied rather gracefully.


Austin replied back:


Ten dollars, Austin D?! You're going to hold out hope someone gets divorced for three years for just ten dollars? Bruh, you can't even buy a steak burrito with guac and a soda pop at Chipotle for that much money.

And what about inflation?

Teigen upped the ante with one of her classic burns.


I have a theory that every insult is made funnier if you include the person's mom. But it's gotta be classy, the days of "yo mama so fat" jokes are behind us.

Teigen prefers to stick to "yo mama so embarrassing and treats workers so poorly she yells at the Genius bar."

Nailed it.

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