Chrissy Teigen Reveals Nude Photo She Has On Her Phone And John Legend Approves

by Taylor Ortega

What's on Chrissy Teigen's phone? Naked pregnancy selfies, doy.

Also, baby Luna videos and proof Chrissy's dad exists!


In a new video for Glamour titled “Chrissy Teigen Shows Us What's On Her Phone,” the Sports Illustrated model gets candid with fans who want to peep her pictures but have zero hacking skills and the most basic understanding of consent.

When asked to share her sexiest photo with viewers, Chrissy flashed a pic from the day before Luna's birth. In it, she stands naked in front of the bathroom mirror, strategically censoring herself like a pro.

She told the site,

This is the day before I gave birth or the morning of. I think it's sexy. I like it. John, do you approve? Is this a sexy photo to you?

John Legend joined his wife momentarily to assess the photo, dubbing it “beautiful.”

The cookbook author also shared her favorite video of Luna.

While playing a clip of her daughter smiling, Chrissy said,

She's exactly me… She is either zero or 100. She goes… she's, like, next level. There's no hiding her emotions. When she's happy, she's SO happy. When she's mad, she's SO mad.

Luna's definitely happy while hanging out with her grandpa, Chrissy's dad Ron Teigen.

Chrissy told Glamour,

No one ever sees my dad! They see so much of my mom, but they don't know that I'm very close with my dad… My mom and dad are still together, by the way. Everyone thinks they're divorced, cause my mom pretty much lives with us at our house in Los Angeles, but my dad comes by every single day and I'm very close with both my parents.

Perhaps this video is the beginning of Grandpa Ron's rise to fame. From now on, let's petition for Grandpa Ron to get the recognition he deserves.

What are his passions? What kind of TV does he like? Which polo would he wear on the red carpet were such an invitation extended?

These are all questions that will be answered in time, when Grandpa Ron -- the late-blooming Kylie Jenner dark horse of the Teigen/Stephens family -- finally achieves superstardom.

Can't wait.

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