Chrissy Teigen Has Amazing Response To People Tweeting Her John Legend Baby Lookalikes


Chrissy Teigen, master of Twitter, took to the social media platform to tell us all how she really feels about those John Legend baby lookalikes.

Oh, you haven't seen those tiny tots? Well, they're everywhere.

It's kind of uncanny, wouldn't you say?

People keep tweeting photos of babies who bear a striking resemblance to the Sports Illustrated model's hubby.

These mini-Johns look so much like the real John, they can almost be mistaken for Baby Luna's brothers.

But guess what, guys? Chrissy has had enough. Don't @ her with these lookalike pics anymore.

To be fair, after an overwhelming number of baby photos are thrown your way, who could blame Chrissy for wanting a breather?

Aside from annoying tweets, it seems like Chrissy is having a pretty awesome summer. She took to her favorite social site (obviously Twitter) to share a photo with her new 'do.

This strawberry blonde color is the perfect look for the season, and we're all here for it Chrissy. Also, we have to give you a ton of credit for undergoing a color job in the wee hours of the morning — that takes some major dedication.

And when she's not sharing new selfies or telling people to cool it with the John baby lookalikes, she's stealing the spotlight.

JAY-Z's 4:44 made quite a splash — with lyrics depicting the rapper's infidelity, his mother's coming out, and so on. Naturally, Chrissy, being a social media extraordinaire, tweeted a hilarious response to the album news.

The album is exclusive to existing Tidal and Sprint subscribers, Variety reported on Friday, so Chrissy took that as an opportunity for another few laugh-out-loud tweets.

Girl, you are too much!

Basically, the major takeaway is that whether we're discussing John Legend baby lookalikes or important, groundbreaking news like JAY-Z's new album, you better believe Chrissy is here for some epic tweets.