Chrissy Teigen Gave Away A Dress On Twitter To A Fan

This is the only way I'm doing my Christmas shopping for now on.

The best part about December is getting presents. That's the least hot take you will ever here.

The worst part is shopping for presents. Malls are too crowded and you're really rolling the dice when it comes to finding exactly what you need while on a shopping trip. Thankfully, online shopping exists so you can avoid the crowds, but you end up spending more money on shipping.

While it may be too late to try a different method of shopping for this holiday season, next year, instead of hitting up a mall or Amazon, you should consider just hitting up Chrissy Teigen.

Let me explain.

The model and host of "Lip Sync Battle" recently sported a holiday-themed costume during a taping of her show.

Merry Christmas!

One of her fans saw the costume and decided to throw a Hail Mary pass to try and get the dress for herself.

She tweeted at Chrissy asking for her to just ship the dress like an old friend because nobody is really strangers these days thanks to Twitter.


Chrissy responded with a "ya sure" because Chrissy is the coolest person on the web.


With Chrissy in a giving mood, people decided to jump on the mooch train to try and get some other free stuff from Mrs. Legend.

One person just straight-up asked for her baby.

Another thirsty fan just wants her husband, John Legend, because of course she does.


Chrissy Teigen should just take a picture of her closet and let her fans have at it. Think of it like Amazon but a lot creepier.

I hereby offer my humble help in getting Teigazon.com off the ground. DM me when you wanna have some business meeting, Chrissy.

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