Chris Pratt Apparently Loves To Send Nick Offerman Photos Of His Poop

Chris Pratt may be a major movie star, but he's still a big-time goofball.

In an interview with GQ, Pratt confessed he sends photos of his poop to Nick Offerman, his "Parks and Recreation" co-star.

And he does it fairly often.

Pratt said,

[It's] not like every poop... but if it's special enough. I sent him a picture of a giant turd on his birthday, and I said, 'You guys have the same birthday.' Adam Scott and I send each other goofy sh*t a lot, too. I've sent some dumps to Adam, and he sent some to me.

It's nice to hear that even grown men can send each other poop pics. Though, imagining what those may look like is pretty gross.

In fact, you needn't imagine because Pratt painted a pretty vivid picture of his poops.

He said,

If it's shaped like a letter — that qualifies. Like, one time I had one that was three pieces that landed in the shape of an N — I was like, 'Gotta send that to Nick — it's his first initial!' If it's extra... the size. You know, some poops are unremarkable, and some you take pictures of and send them to Nick Offerman.

I wonder what Nick Offerman's response to all this is. It's probably something like this:

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