Chris Evans Admits He Cried While Telling His Mom He Lost His Virginity

by Eitan Levine

Chris Evans, who we can all admit is already entirely too much, says he cried while letting his mom know he lost his virginity.

Apparently, letting your parents know you lost your virginity is a thing. I honestly didn't think it was a thing, as I'm pretty sure my parents don't know I even talk to girls who aren't relatives, but supposedly it is a real thing that people actually do.

Chris Evans was one of these people, and as it turns out, the ordeal was entirely too emotional for him to handle.

The reveal was made during a recent appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers."

Meyers asked Evans if he told his mom when he lost his virginity, and Evans said,

Yes. I did. My whole family is just very open with a lot of things. If I had a party in high school half the party's upstairs talking to her about inappropriate things. She's really, really, really, really cool woman. Yeah, I raced home and said 'I DID IT! I didn't know what I was doing, but I think I did it!'

Meyers then joked "and then I cried!" to which Evans responded,

Oh no, I cried. I didn't say THAT. She may have as well.

Later going on to say,

I think she was happy that I was willing to share it with her. I think, as a parent, you just want to have honesty. One of the best things my parents both achieved, somehow they felt like my friends.

This isn't the only time Chris had problems hiding his emotions. He also told Meyers,

I cried a lot, I really did... I cried first day of school. First day of camp. Truly, honestly if I'm being honest, 4th grade was the first year I remember like being like, 'I GOT IT! I GOT IT! NOBODY TALK TO ME! I GOT IT!' I'm not joking. I remember being proud of myself getting onto the bus and being like 'I made it.'

Later going on to say,

I feel like I was 8 or 9 and even going to day camp, we had a sliding door van, and I felt like a cat getting into a bathtub like 'no!' My mother, at least two years in a row, we wasted money on camp and my mom would be like, 'Fine, I guess we're going home.' Then by the third year, they even set up my daily schedule so that my sister and one of my cousins, who were both at the camp, were with me every second of the day, and I still just didn't want to go.

Evans was on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" promoting his new movie "Gifted."

Looks good! I will say that this entire trailer I could not stop thinking, "that man cried to his mom about losing his virginity."