Kylie Jenner Stripped Down For A Sexy Cooking Video

Chef Kylie is in the building.

One of the weirder things about the Kardashian family's Snapchats is that half of them involve cooking.

I don't know if you've been looking at Blac Chyna's SnapStories recently, but they are essentially just closeups of sandwiches she loves.

It's like a mini-audition to replace Guy Fieri every time Chyna opens Snapchat.

Kylie is no different.

The youngest Jenner family member spends a quarter of her time on Snapchat hocking Lip Kits, a quarter just staring at the screen lazily lip syncing to whatever is on the radio, a quarter showcasing puppies that show up for a month before vanishing forever and a quarter just putzing around in the kitchen.

Her latest snap features the latter of the four, a semi-wild journey through the finer points of mac and cheese making.

For starters, this is how Kylie dresses when she cooks.

You can't just have your bare belly button flopping around near food. That's a CLEAR health code violation.


Kylie then proceeds to pour what seems, like, 16 pounds of two different cheeses into her mac and cheese.


The final product is crusty AF and looks better than anything I've had in the past month.

This is straight-up food porn. #NSFW


The final product is essentially a fart food festival. Broccoli, cheesy noodles and buttered baked potatoes are like starting an octane factory in your colon.

My thoughts and prayers are with Tyga's nose.


This is the end of her mac and cheese story so I thought I'd share this tweet, which may be my favorite tweet of all time.

I don't understand Kylie's diet. There is no way she can eat the way she eats and still maintain *points to her Instagram* literally all of this.

Meanwhile, Kendall hasn't been able to say the words "mac" or "cheese" since 2012.

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