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Channing Tatum's Open Letter To Jenna Dewan And Daughter


Channing Tatum, be my husband and also my dad.

The stupid beautiful and also incredibly personable actor/dancer/jawline-extraordinaire was recently given the opportunity to write an open letter to women in Cosmopolitan, and decided to speak directly to his daughter, Everly.

His message is oh-so-sweet, oh-so-thoughtful and oh-so-sob-worthy.

Covering everything from how to approach sexuality, meeting her mother Jenna and finding true love, Channing hits some serious fatherly home runs.

He opens by picturing Everly reading this article someday, and what he hopes she takes away from it:

He talks about his love story with Jenna, and how her confidence in knowing what she wanted helped him find confidence in love too.


He says his one wish is for women everywhere to know they are "enough."

He concludes with how hopeful he is about his daughter growing up in a time where gender roles are fluid.

AND cue the water works, everybody. * lights fade *

That's a wrap. Good work, everyone. Channing, we seriously love you.

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