Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan's Daughter Will See 'Magic Mike' For The Best Reason

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan plan to show their daughter "Magic Mike" for a very important reason.

Everly is turning 4-years-old at the end of the month, so she may not quite understand the themes of lust, greed and addiction, let alone appreciate the art-house-inspired cinematography of that great masterpiece.

And then, you know, there's the whole stripping thing.

All in all, it's maybe not the best move to show to a toddler?

Gosh, sorry, got totally distracted looking through "Magic Mike" gifs. Where were we?

Oh yes, so Jenna and Channing, aka the Greatest Dancing Couple To Ever Exist In Hollywood History, decided they have to show their young child "Magic Mike," Jenna told an audience at HuffPost on Friday.

It may sound weird, but there's actually a super legit reason why.

You see, the concerned parents are worried that when Everly gets to school, her classmates are going to talk to her about her dad's, uh, twerk work.

"We got to show ['Magic Mike'] to her before one of her friends at school is like, 'I saw this movie your dad's in...'" Dewan said on Friday.

She added that Everly has actually been at "Magic Mike" rehearsals -- "so there's a part of her that probably gets it."

Channing and Jenna's daughter actually has already seen "Step Up" -- and wasn't all that impressed.

The Tatums were on vacation in Mexico when "Step Up" came on the television, Dewan said.

Jenna and Channing got all excited and told their daughter it was them on TV.

Dewan said,

At first she didn't think it was us. She's like, 'That's not you guys.' And I'm like, 'No, it's us, Evie, it's me!' And then she goes, 'Can we watch something good?' Just like that, and we were humbled. One day she'll maybe appreciate it on a different level, but yeah, she's not so into it.

Which is kind of a fair reaction, since even Dewan admits they maybe weren't the best actors in the world in that movie.

"We both cringe because ... we're just so baby new -- our acting, we're like, 'What are we doing there?!' Dewan laughed.

But at least it did lead to a beautiful relationship, proving love is alive -- and really, really hot. Even if the acting is a little rough.

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