Channing Tatum Posted A Naked Picture Of Wife Jenna Dewan On Instagram


I can't decide if this is the cutest or creepiest thing Channing Tatum has ever posted on Instagram.

Jenna Dewan Tatum isn't new to posting sexy photos on Instagram.


With that body, who wouldn't want to show it off?


But it's Channing who posted the sexiest one yet.

The smoking hot photo of his Jenna is getting major attention -- and no points for guessing why.


This is the definition of sexy. And the fact that it was shot in black and white makes it look straight out of an old school French movie.

Those curves, though.

He posted the photo of his wife sleeping naked in bed just hours ago, and it's already gained hundreds of thousands of likes. The actor captioned it,

Nap time = The Best Time.

OK, I take my hat off to you, Channing -- this is major wife goals right here. Nap time probably is the best time if you're you and your wife is Jenna Dewan Tatum.

But, yeah, pretty creepy if she had no idea this photo was being taken.


Also -- random thought -- do you think Channing is naked as well? Like, if the camera was pointing down a bit more, would we be looking at his piece?

Wait, are we actually all gate-crashing a sleazy, post-sex pic? I kinda hope so.

Naturally, the photo caught the attention of some absolute weirdos who have littered the comments section with smut and offense. But other normal people praised Channing for the awesome shot.


One user wrote,

I think it is a beautiful picture. It does not show anything inappropriate. You see the same thing at a beach if she had bottoms on. I applaud him. He is proud of his wife and not afraid to show it. Good for you @channingtatum. She is beautiful.

Another said,

It's SPICY at the Tatum house!

Yes. Yes, it is.

I'd like to know where Channing's getting his sheets because that looks like the comfiest duvet of all time and it definitely ain't no Target buy.