Channing Tatum Wishes Jenna Dewan Happy Birthday

Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum continue to embody everything that is relationship goals on the "Step Up" star's birthday.

To be clear, we're talking about the female star of "Step Up" here -- not the male one.

Jenna celebrated her 36th birthday on Saturday. Her husband, Channing, was happy and proud to be celebrating alongside her.

He marked her birthday with a post on Instagram that had the sweetest, loveliest caption for his wife of seven years.

The Instagram shows the two hot stars hugging in some unbelievable locale. They're standing underneath a rainbow because of course the perfect pair found a perfect rainbow to hug beneath.

Channing captioned the Instagram,

I'm not sure if this woman is my Rainbow or my pot of gold but I'm lucky either way happy birthday cake baby!

Questionable grammar aside, it is such a cute message for Channing to share.

Jenna posted her own Instagram to celebrate her birthday this past weekend. It's a hot, natural selfie of her blowing a kiss, as she gives "kisses for all of you."

Jenna said in her Instagram caption,

I can't possibly thank you all individually, but please know I love you all and words can't explain how grateful I am for your love and support always.

I'm going to go ahead and assume that while she obviously can't give all her well-wishers an individual kiss, Channing probably got one -- especially after that cute as hell Instagram homage.

The Tatums, who are now both 36 years old, have been the epitome of relationship goals since they fell in love on the set of "Step Up."

They've been together since then. Channing and Jenna have been married for seven years.

The crazy good dancing family includes a daughter. She's named Everly and was born in 2013.

Must be awesome growing up in a house filled with love, togetherness and ridiculous dancing skills.

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