These Celebrity Face Mashups Will Absolutely Give You Nightmares

Staring into the cold, dead eyes of any celebrity is tough. Staring into the cold, dead eyes of two celebrities is even tougher.

A clever (and disturbing) Instagram account sprung up, and it's called MugMashers.

The account combines the faces of two disparate celebrities to create horrifying, Frankensteinian abominations.

I dare you to peer into the terrible abyss that is the combined visage of Amy Adams and Adam Sandler and not feel the darkness peering back at you.

You will be transformed by its unadulterated evil. You will surrender your very humanity to this demonic countenance.

Behold, pain's many faces!

Amy Adams Sandler

Kim Kardash-Ian McKellen

Serena Williams Shatner

Brad Pittbull

Matt Damon Wayans

RuPaul Rudd

Anna Kendrick Lamar

Jackie Channing Tatum

Larry David Guetta

Steven Tyler Perry

Jonah Hillary Clinton

Jennifer Lawrence Fishburne

Neil Patrick Harrison Ford

TyReese Witherspoon

Bernie Macklemore

LeBron James Franco

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